Onursan – New member in Turkey

Onursan is adding the new vision of marine fire and safety service to the marine industry market by its reliable name and innovative approach to its customer needs.Not only they like to achieve more success on getting our company to a higher leauge of competion but also they would like the others to follow the path that they have created. We take pride in what they have achieved with their the most experienced team..

Trade in 2020 – the initial results and possible scenarios forward

After an already sluggish 2019, a major upturn was expected in global growth and trade in 2020. As can be seen, the real trade value never recovered to the pre-financial crises’ trajectory. The trend for 2010 – onwards was significantly below the prior trajectory. Our prior forecast predicted it to be above the CAGR 2010-19 and global trade to reach 25.2 trillion USD in 2029. COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest black swan in a century, destroyed it. Global trade collapsed in Q1 of 2020 though asymmetrically