A. Santamaria Spa

Electrical Service AC/DC Motors & Alternators:

Disassembly and maintenance of Alternators & Motors LV/MV and pumps for Cam Rudders, Gyro Fins together with a wide range of electro-mechanical machinery.


Installation for Engine Room & Cabin cables, electrical plants etc.

Electronic Services:

Automation (PMS), Instrumentation, Alarm Systems for Main Engines, Auxiliaries, Pumps, Interphone, Order, Music, Telephony, Television & Audio-Visual Systems.


National & Foreign Electrical & Mechanical Material, new & used Machinery, Generators, Power Units & original Spare Parts.

Diagnostic Maintenance:

Thermographic Analysis, Rotor Dynamic Balancing up to 10 tons, Electrical Tests, Endoscope check.

Mechanical Services:

Reconditioning & overhauling 0f 2-stroke & 4-stroke, engine components, ultrasonic cleaning plant for air coolers, heat exchangers overhauling, manufacturing & repairs of pressure vessels, turbocharger overhauling (Man, ABB, Met, Napier types), overhauling of fuel system components, overhauling of hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders.

Quality Accreditation:


Port Serviced:

All Italian, North African & Mediterranean ports, major ports in the world.

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    A. Santamaria Spa

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    Via dei Pescatori,
    16129 Genova (GE),

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    Dott: A Santamaria (MD) +39 335 6515928 allessandro@a-santamaria.it
    Mr Casaretto (Tech. Supp) +39 335 7405662 m.casaretto@a-santamaria.it
    Mr Santoriello (Tech. Supp) +39 335 5237180 l.santoriello@a-santamaria.it
    Mr Gormarino (Tech. Supp) +39 335 7377724 m.gormarino@a-santamaria.it

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