Alconza Berango S.L.


Low and high voltage machines, up to 13.8KV, AC motors & generators up to size 2250 (20 Mw related to 600 rpm). Minimum power of 1 Mw. Insulation class F with global VPI (4.5 m.Øtank) epoxy resin impregnation. Dynamic balancing up to 70 Ts. And 130 Ts. Of lifting capacity. Tangent delta tests available. Two frequency method for full load tests of asynchronous motors up to 4 Mw., also vertical ones (Alconza is a new building manufacturer and not a repair workshop so interferences with the current production might not permit a rewind to be carried out in a short period).

Product Range:

Alconza’s factory is located in Berango (15 Km from Bilbao) in the northern part of Spain (Biscay Golf). There is easy and close access to both the International port and airport of Bilbao.

The company designs and manufactures a very wide range of rotary machines including low and high voltage both synchronous machines up to 20 Mw (Main and shaft PTO/PTI generators and propulsion motors), and asynchronous ones limited to a similar power, for main ship propulsion, Thruster application as well as for different ship services like fire fighting pumps, compressors etc.

The motors are designed for both fixed speed and mostly variable speed applications. In the last case the insulation system is specifically adapted to the different VSD technologies.

All products are delivered, under request, with all different Classification Society certificates. The design and manufacturing up to 20 Mw. Meets the Quality System ISO9001 2000 which has been certified by LR. The machines are designed and built according to the different international standards, the most common being EEC rules.

The Berango works has both mechanical and electrical facilities, so all different operations can be made in house such as housings, steel works, machining, coil manufacturing, poles production, winding, impregnation, final assembly and tests.

Alconza specialises in the design and production of tailor-made machinery to the customer’s specification.

Ports Serviced:

Bilbao and technical assistance at all Spanish ports.

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    Alconza Berango S.L.

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