Crosscomar S.L.

Crosscomar S.L is an internationally managed company located in Algeciras, Spain number ONE port at the strait of Gibraltar.

Our experienced workforce is ready for immediate mobilization.
Complete the work when ships are at anchorage, alongside or on voyage reducing off-hire cost and the other expenses incurred at shipyards.
Crosscomar has now opened an afloat ship repair company in Tanger Med (European Technical Knowledge and expertise) called Crosscomar Tanger Méditerranée.
We will be able to attend any vessel that is in need of repair anywhere in Morocco, besides Tanger Med.
Crosscomar has created a new line of TurboCharger business, Turbo Crosscomar, and will be able to service, micro-blast, balance and repair T/C within its normal areas of action.
We perform whichever necessary tasks while the vessels are sailing, so there is no time waste or schedule disruptions and reducing cost.
Our multilingual staff will make communication on board and at the office simpler.

Our Services:

Renewal / Repair / Overhaul and Maintenance
Steel and Hull Engine
Piping Boilers
Mechanicals & Hydraulics Repairs Anchors / Chains
Electrical Chris Marine
Underwater / Diving Repairs Works Total FRS Care
Riding Squads / On Voyage. Cleaning of Tanks

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    Crosscomar S.L.

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    C/ Mástil,
    6 – P.I. Palmones 11,
    11379 Los Barrios (Cádiz),

  • ISES Contacts

    Kjell Amundsen – MD
    Jose Manuel Nuñez – Tech. Supv.
    Adan Marquez – Sales Director
    Maria Jesus Lloret – Off. Mgr.

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    Tel: +34 956 675 200
    Fax: +34 956 675 118