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Electric Motor/Alternator/Generator repairs and test facility. AC and DC machines, low and high voltage (up to 11 000 Volt) and from fractional horsepower up to 6 Megawatt. Our Head Office in Johannesburg has the facilities for the larger machines; please view our website at www.lhm.co.za in order to view their capabilities.
Flameproof and explosion proof motors repaired and certified to conform to SANS 60073-15 and SANS 60073-1 standards.
1. Commutator maintenance undercut, bevel and skim.
2. Vacuum pressure impregnation of motor and transformer windings.
3. Dynamic balancing up to 7 tonnes with a 2 meter swing.
4. Tan Delta testing.
5. Transformer oil purification and repairs.
6. Computerised core testing.
7. Pump repairs and load testing up to 132kW. Appointed repair facility for ABS and Indar Pumps.
8. AC and DC load testing up to 250kW.

On Site Services:

Total electrical asset management (team), on-site maintenance and assessment, 24 hr service, removals, installations, commissioning, laser alignment, vibration analysis, condition monitoring & assessment, balancing, tan-delta testing, infrared thermography, Specialised fault finding and diagnostics, transformer oil purification. Specialised Services: project management, supply of skilled and semi-skilled contract personnel, electrical and instrumentation installation for mining, steel, oil, gas & petrochemical industries.

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    L.H. Marthinusen Cape Town

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    27 Kunene Circle,
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    Marine & Offshore:
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