Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute

Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute (SMDERI), founded in 1963, is under the direct jurisdiction of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), and is engaged in R&D, manufacturing, technical service, turnkey project and domestic and foreign trade mainly for diesel engines and power plants. Its leading specialties include diesel engines, gas engines, special engines, solution of marine power system, marine automation system, transmission equipments, vibration and noise reduction system, thermal energy equipment and installations.



We can offer diagnosis, repairing, renewal, testing and installation of the following Automation Equipments: •Engine remote control system •Alarm & monitoring system •Power plant •PMS •Fire detection alarm system •Safety system • CPP control system •Local operation panel, etc.


The main products, maintenance and service range is as follow: •Propulsion Diesel Engines: SQE-MAN L21/31, SQE-MAN L+V20/27 •Generating


SQE-MAN L16/24, SQE-MAN L21/31, SQE-MAN L+V20/27 •Turbochargers: NR12/S, TCR series, NR & NR/R turbochargers, etc.

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    Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute

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    Electronics: Ms Gigi Yu +86 21 3131 0307
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