Talleres Industriales SA


ISO 9001 : 2000 SGS

We are committed to provide ship repair services at International level, while meeting the highest standards of quality, safety and punctuality, to even exceed, the expectations of our clients through highly qualified personnel and constant improvements being implemented on a daily basis, maximising the benefits of our clients, employees and our community.


Rewinds of all types of AC and DC motors, as well as transformers, alternators, convertors and generators of all sizes. We can carry out rewinding of motors up to 100 KW within 24 hours. We take the time that the vessel has prior and during canal transit in order to remove the motors from one end (either Cristobal or Balbao) and deliver upon completion of transit.

Additional Services:

Main and auxiliary engine repairs ● Overhaul of pumps, turbochargers, heat exchangers and condensers ● All types of welding ● Hydraulic repairs ● Boiler repairs ● Fuel injection systems ● Fabrication of pipes ● Underwater services ● Cargo gears weight test ● Balancing of all types of rotors and fans ● NDT ultrasonic thickness reading ● Rental of power packs ● Sand blasting and painting ● Launch and supply boat services ● Crane services ● Life boat and davit test

Underwater Services:

Underwater cleanings ● Propeller polishing ● underwater surveys ● All types of underwater repairs

Class Approved:


Service Representations:

Deckma ● Hyundai Lifeboats ● Nishi ● Ned deck ● Greben, HYDREX

Ports Serviced:

Panama Canal Area, Central America, South America & Caribbean

Members of:

American Diving Contractors, American Welding Society,

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    Talleres Industriales SA

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    P O Box 0301-02132,
    Rep. de Panama

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    Lino Arosemena General Manager +507 6090-0041
    Davor Turina Commercial Manager +507 6090-5608
    David Cohen Technical Manager +507 6612-0046
    Juvencio Pizza Branch Manager +507 6612-0047

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    Tel: +507 433-9500 & 445-1044
    Fax: +507 445-1104